3 Cognitive Theories for Transforming Learning

Posted Apr 4, 2018 by Stephen Victor

In this article, we will take a look at some cognitive theories for transforming learning experiences.

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From Game of Thrones to Adult Learning

Posted Mar 27, 2018 by Tom Stell

We tell stories – that’s what we do. Studies have shown that toddlers understand the demands of storytelling and that 5-year-olds can craft elaborate narratives rife with characters and conflict. Test subjects watching a simple animation of geometric shapes moving on a screen will imbue those shapes with character and motivation. From a campfire in some forest primeval to binging on Netflix we process and understand our world and ourselves through the narratives we tell and consume. All of which are elements that explain how we naturally gravitated toward storytelling as a vital tool in learning.

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The Role of Memory in Learning

Posted Mar 26, 2018 by Monica Savage

The human brain has fascinated me since I was a child. Understanding how one thinks, remembers, and acts is extremely complex. As a learning professional, I rely on brain science to ensure the efficiency of the programs I design. This blog series addresses some of the more basic concepts of memory and learning, and their application in real life learning design.

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Seussical Words of Wisdom for 2018

Posted Feb 13, 2018 by Monica Savage

This year, we will focus on continuing to create value and solve problems, but also on researching and discovering new ways of supporting the “new learner”. We believe that in a world that sometimes seems to change at lightning speed, learning authentically, continuously, and easily is the key to success.

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Who is Obsidian?

Posted Nov 21, 2017 by Shelly Immel

As Obsidian’s founder and owner, I look with an investor’s eye at the bottom line and I look at who we are and what we do with the hopes, dreams and pride that inspired its creation. We are still becoming, still learning, still adapting—and always will be. But some things are baked in to who we are.

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Obsidian Learning Logo Rework: A Golden Opportunity

Posted Nov 6, 2017 by Rick Carruth

Recently I’ve found myself furthering my knowledge of the Golden Ratio and its proportions, specifically as regards logo design. This ratio has been used in works as disparate as the Mona Lisa and the Parthenon. The proportions derived from the Golden Ratio are said to be the most visually pleasing to the human eye, so when I decided to have a little fun and play around with the Obsidian Learning logo.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Fonts

Posted Oct 9, 2017 by Rick Carruth

Not everyone fully grasps the impact of font choices in design, however, and we asked our in-house font guru, Rick Carruth, to provide us with some pointers and some of his own reasoned choices when it comes to font selection.

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Free Download: Café Coffee Template for Storyline 360

Posted Sep 25, 2017 by Steven Westmoreland

We’ve been having a bit of fun experimenting with techniques to build custom templates for Articulate Storyline 360. In this example, we’ve removed the standard player chrome and implemented our own custom menu, help and close functions. Download the free template to use and customize for your projects.

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Learning Inspiration with Sgt. Pepper

Posted Aug 10, 2017 by Amanda Costa

In his defense, Gabriel might have heard that from me before. I imagine that just once, he’d like to hear my reaction to something without it being filtered through a learning lens. There was the time I helped him with a public service announcement project at school; I wouldn’t stop babbling about the importance of the “emotional hook”. Then the time he told me about one of his teachers using a trashcan wastepaper basketball game as a form of in-class motivation, and I provided him with a long-winded explanation of the term “gamification” that he probably didn’t need to hear. I’m guessing that when I suggested a visit to the Sgt. Pepper’s Experience exhibit he thought he was safe from my particular brand of proselytization. Not this time, kiddo.

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What is the Cone of Experience?

Posted Jul 19, 2017 by Lubos Janoska

Gather 'round kiddos, Uncle Lubos wants to tell another crazy but true story. This one is about an innocent kid, an abused model—and if you stick around till the end—a wholesome apple.

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