Blended and Distributed Learning Case Study

Posted Aug 30, 2016 by Shannon Hart

We were approached by a global Fortune 500 construction company seeking to revamp some key leadership training. The audience of senior project managers is accountable for the success of very large-scale construction efforts.

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Cracking the Mobile Learning Code: xAPI and cmi5

Posted Aug 9, 2016 by Stephen Victor

With the recent maturing of the xAPI and cmi5 standards, we soon won’t be so firmly tied to the LMS. Our latest white paper takes a look at how xAPI and cmi5 can be used to capture the entire spectrum of learning, from formal to informal.

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Who Really Benefits from Volunteerism?

Posted Aug 3, 2016 by JoAnna Nicolaou

A recent post Why are today’s professionals undervaluing volunteerism? by Anne Taylor, Vice Chairman and Managing Partner at Deloitte, in which she reflected on her participation in Deloitte’s 17th annual Impact Day and corporate volunteerism in general, struck me as a potent reminder of the numerous benefits that community service offers to all involved. “Business as usual” marks a win-win relationship for the company and the client; with the addition of a community service component, company employees and charitable organizations are implicated in the winnings as well.

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Critical Factors for Evaluating a Learning Company

Posted Jul 12, 2016 by Adam Lowry

As many of our past blog posts demonstrate, talent and creativity are a big part of what happens at Obsidian Learning. But as much as we are passionate about applying both to create effective learning experiences, we also understand that there must be a business case for choosing a learning company.

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Learning is for Everyone: Instructional Design for Accessibility

Posted May 13, 2016 by Stephen Victor

One thing some instructional designers forget, though, is the issue of accessibility – are our courses open to all, including people with disabilities? This article examines several issues related to accessibility and eLearning.

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Evaluating Training – Capturing the Benefits Aspect of ROI

Posted May 10, 2016 by Monica Savage

Training evaluation is necessary and, in many ways, critical to the success of a business. But because short term priorities always seem to take precedence, it is typically something we plan to do better in the next course, or maybe next month, or even next year. After all, we’ve managed pretty well up to now, so surely another year can’t hurt!

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Highlights from the Learning Solutions Conference 2016

Posted Mar 22, 2016 by Monica Savage

I am back home from the Learning Solutions Conference and enjoying the after-conference rush of excitement. It was a great conference, so in a sense this post is the tip of the iceberg in terms of potential returns. Let me start by saying that I feel privileged to have spent three days in the company of so many thought leaders and all-around awesome folks at #LSCon.

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The Devil’s in the Details: Quality Control and User Experience

Posted Mar 17, 2016 by Amanda Costa

Do you like music? Have you ever been listening to a favorite piece or song, only to have your good vibes interrupted by a discordant note? Or even worse, a remix? The flow is brutally interrupted. If I’m listening to the radio when something like that happens, I change the station.

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7 Knowledge Retention Techniques For eLearning

Posted Mar 15, 2016 by Christopher Pappas

They say that knowledge is power, but it’s only powerful if your learners are able to effectively retain and recall the information when the need arises. In this article, I’ll share 7 techniques to enhance knowledge retention techniques you can take into account in your next eLearning course design.

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Design a Course for the Houston Food Bank

Posted Mar 11, 2016 by Stephen Victor

This year’s ATD Houston Technology Conference, will be on April 27. It’s always a great conference, but this year it will be extra special. We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be sponsoring a contest to design an eLearning module for the Houston Food Bank.

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