Informal Learning in the Workplace

Posted Feb 26, 2015 by Stephen Victor

How can you make learning continue to be effective after the learner closes the browser window or leaves the classroom? Here are a few ideas for encouraging informal learning in the workplace.

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ATD Houston Chapter Webinar

Posted Feb 23, 2015 by Monica Savage

Come join us for an informative webinar tomorrow at noon. I will be speaking as part of a great panel of learning and development professionals, and we will share our impressions and learnings from the ATD Techknowledge Conference 2015. The panelists are:

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Adult Learning Theory and Training Design

Posted Feb 20, 2015 by Stephen Victor

In this article, we'll take a look at the assumptions of adult learning theory and explore ways in which to apply it to the design of corporate eLearning.

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ATDTK 2015 Mobile Learning Session

Posted Feb 19, 2015 by Monica Savage

I love the learning conferences, and ATD TK is one of my favorites. Having the opportunity to speak there about mobile learning was a great experience and we received a lot of good, valuable feedback.

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Executive Insight into the New Blend of Learning

Posted Feb 18, 2015 by Monica Savage

I had an interesting conversation at the ATD TechKnowledge conference last month. I was speaking with a team of CEOs on learning and development issues, and they were sharing what’s important to them in learning and how they choose their learning avenues. Here are some highlights:

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What Are You Doing to Support Your Online Learners

Posted Feb 13, 2015 by Stephen Victor

We all know that online learning is on the rise. There are many reasons for this trend: greater adoption of mobile technologies, the convenience of self-paced learning, reduced training time, and lowered expenses when employees don’t have travel to learning sites, to name just a few.

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3 Helpful Meeting Templates Most Project Teams Do Not Use

Posted Feb 13, 2015 by Monica Savage

If your learning development process involves a sales team, project managers, graphic designers, and instructional designers, you may find these templates useful.

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The Slow (Painful) Demise of Flash

Posted Feb 13, 2015 by Stephen Victor

Today we know that HTML5 enables development of rich, interactive, responsive content. Content that plays on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. True, Steve Jobs sent us scrambling, and even now it can be difficult to develop HTML5 content. The tools are slowly catching up (and more are on the horizon), but we’re finally starting to be able to cut our ties with Flash. It’s been a tough road, but it was worth the trip.

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Project File Management for Instructional Designers

Posted Feb 13, 2015 by Bill Jacobs

By consistently using a template for project files within your organization, you pave the way for smooth transitions when passing projects between designers/developers, or when re-visiting a project for updates after months (or even years).

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What’s On Your “Not To Do” List?

Posted Feb 3, 2015 by Monica Savage

Being in the business of developing custom learning programs, we at Obsidian work with a lot of clients and face a huge variety of problems. We have learned to tailor our approaches to respond to different audiences and overcome many obstacles. And we have definitely learned what not to do.

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